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Our two year anniversary

Clim8 Team

30 September 2022 Climate ChangeInside Clim8

Two years ago, we launched the Clim8 app, and since then we’ve been proudly disrupting the finance industry with our climate conscious investing strategy. With zero fossil fuels and investments that focus solely on decarbonisation changemakers, our aim was to show that investing for good doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your financial interests. 

And we can prove it… 

Over the last two years: 

📈Clim8’s portfolio* has beaten its benchmarks by 6.47%

⚡Investments held by the Clim8 community have generated enough kWh of clean electricity to power 30,018 homes for a day or enough energy to power a 50” LED TV for 1,100 years 

👣We have collectively avoided equivalent to 7,713,746 miles driven in an average car or all bus journeys outside of London in the UK 

*refers to our adventurous portfolio

It’s been a tough year for the world, as well as for individual investors. Many people are struggling with high energy prices, rising inflation and a cost of living crisis, and it can be difficult to prioritise investing. 

Yet looking back at the past two years, we’re happy to reiterate our confidence that investing in climate change remains about more than just short term volatility. We invest in climate megatrends that are vital to a sustainable future, and with our proprietary research, we have chosen companies and funds that are leading the way there. 

Investing into emerging trends like renewable energy and sustainable food means good things for the planet, but over the long term, it can also mean good things for your savings. 

All of us at Clim8 are excited to look back at what we’ve achieved. But in the world of sustainable investment, we can’t afford to spend long looking back. 

Globally, there’s more than 100 trillion dollars of assets under management, and yet a huge amount of this is still fuelling the climate crisis. Out of 30 major financial institutions holding a combined €42.5 trillion in AUM, $468 billion is invested in companies that are expanding oil and gas exploration, while a further $82 billion is held in companies engaged in coal expansion. 

You won’t get this with us. Clim8’s strict exclusion and filtering process means that we invest only in green, but the truth is that the traditional investors of the world are still polluting at an incredible rate. 

At the end of 2020, other traditional investment companies held a staggering £6.4 trillion in assets under management, yet less than 7% were managed with environmental, social or governance criteria taken into account. And don’t get us started on the failures of ‘ESG’ in meeting climate goals!

Clim8 is delighted to see that its strong mission and ethos is paying off and it’s only just the beginning of our journey! With ongoing fundraising and new products in the pipeline, we’re looking forward to the next two years. 

Our community is growing fast, and together, so is our impact on climate change and the planet.

Want to learn more about climate positive investing? Head to clim8.com.

With investing capital is at risk. As with all investments, the value of the investment may go up as well as down. There is no guarantee that holding onto the investment for a longer period will result in an increase or decrease to this investment value and you may lose all of your initial investment. Past performance is not indicative of future performance.