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When passions align

Clim8 Team

24 February 2023 Sustainable Investing

It’s incredible when two passions come together

Here at Clim8, we’ve created a place where our investing and environmental goals collide, creating a platform for our customers to invest for good in their ISA and General Investment Accounts. 

Why the environment?

The Doomsday Clock (a symbol of how close our planet is to global catastrophe) just reached 90 seconds to midnight– the closest it has ever been. This is a reflection of numerous conversations, warnings and meetings trying to find solutions to help ease the pressure on the planet. 

While bringing awareness to the ongoing crisis is important, we believe that actions speak louder than words. This is why our investing principles are founded on our six megatrends, helping our customers know exactly where their money is being invested. Most importantly this investing strategy means we are ensuring our customers are investing in future, climate positive funds! Want to know more about our investments, check out our how we invest page. 

Every pound invested in Clim8 is a commitment to the future of our planet. 

What are Clim8’s megatrends? 

Our six megatrends cover essential environmental areas of growth, all of which can be invested in from a cautious, balanced or adventurous risk level. Our megatrends are:

  • The circular economy 
  • Green energy 
  • Climate tech
  • Water systems 
  • Sustainable food
  • Clean mobility 

Each of these megatrends represent an area where our in house investment team focus their strategy to reach environmental goals, whilst working in the best interests of our customers. 

Does investing for ‘good’ work? 

We know that consumers are often wary of investing for good, and we are unable to offer financial advice, however we’re delighted that our investments consistently beat industry benchmarks, you can see a snapshot of our history below: 

So- do your passions align? 

If like us you like investing and doing good- why not join us in changing the world? Simply download our app and follow the steps to launch your climate positive account today! 

*Past performance is not indicative of future performance, capital remains at risk