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Our two year anniversary

Two years ago, we launched the Clim8 app, and since then we’ve been proudly disrupting the finance industry with our climate conscious investing strategy. With zero fossil fuels and investments that focus solely on decarbonisation changemakers, our aim was to show that investing for good doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your financial interests.  And we […]

Climate Change Inside Clim8

Celebrate whale and dolphin day with Clim8 and ORCA

Whales, dolphins and porpoises (also known as cetaceans) are animals that have an almost unique ability to inspire us about the ocean, and for many people the experience of seeing them is a life-changing one. Find out how Clim8 are supporting ocean live this Whale and Dolphin Day

Climate Change Sustainability

If this is not a call for action, what is?

by Vincent Gilles & Marie Allen On 4th April, the IPCC released the final report of its current reporting cycle. Each IPCC reporting cycle consists of the work of 3 working groups that provide a comprehensive meta-analysis of the current science on climate change. The working groups cover: The Physical Science Basis; Impacts, Adaptation and […]

Climate Change Sustainable Investing

2022: The year to get real about climate transition

Will 2022 play good COP to 2021’s bad COP? Despite its many shortcomings, COP26 was at least a partial success. The Glasgow Pact strengthened loss and damage finance and committed to double adaptation finance for developing countries, as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions with more ambitious Nationally Determined Contributions1 from many countries. Yet assuming […]

Climate Change Sustainability

ESG is BS. We need Climate Impact

by Duncan Grierson, Founder & CEO of Clim8 ESG is a huge distraction in the fight against climate change. Investors need a new category that does what it says on the tin – Climate Impact.   In the past few years, a tsunami of money, trillions of dollars have moved into so-called ESG investment funds. […]

Climate Change Sustainability

Could the energy crisis derail our transition to net-zero?

If you have been following the news for the past couple of weeks, the term “energy crisis” has been hard to miss. Across the world, shortages in energy sources are wielding havoc. In Europe, natural gas prices are on the rise, oil prices are going up, and China is struggling with dwindling coal reserves. And […]

Climate Change Sustainability