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£1,500,000 raised in Clim8’s crowdfunding campaign: here’s what’s next

Clim8 Team

22 May 2020 Inside Clim8

Clim8’s first crowdfunding campaign has officially ended. It’s been a busy month for our team, but this was an important step of the journey of our company towards building a more sustainable future. 

We are thrilled by the response we received!

We raised £1,500,000.  Some 1,420 investors from 55 different countries decided to back our mission, together with the venture capital fund 7percent Ventures. 

This exciting result also suggests that many people believe that we need to build a better and more resilient world.

We continue to build the Clim8 app which will be released this summer.

We want our community to feel part of this journey and we welcome your knowledge and enthusiasm. We have enjoyed speaking with many of you, hearing your suggestions on what needs to be improved in the investment space.

And finally, I would like to share some thoughts from our senior team. We hope this gives you a better understanding of how Clim8 is aiming to fill the gap in sustainable investing. And how each of us is working to bring our mission to life, to have an impact on climate change.

Transparency is a key value for the team at Clim8. If you have any questions, or if there are topics you would like us to explore in the blog, please email us your suggestions at: hello[at]clim8invest.com!

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Founder & CEO 

Adriana, Chief Product Officer: “For several years now, I’ve been on a mission to increase accessibility to investment through technology. Together with the experienced team of technologists at Clim8, we are committed to delivering a simple and beautiful investment platform with the highest standards of usability and security”

Alice, Chief Commercial Officer: “Trust is core to Clim8. A lot of people want to fight climate change but investing can be opaque. I love that Clim8 is all about transparency, especially for friends and relatives who are not professional investors!”

Vincent, Chief Investment Officer: “Powering our economy with clean energy was just a dream 20 years ago, but technological changes have been spectacular, cutting costs by over 70% for wind and solar. A growing realisation in the population that environment and wealth are not mutually exclusive gives us a tremendous opportunity to use the post-Covid 19 world to change the way things are done.”

Tatiana, Director of Engineering: “Our core pillars in the engineering team are (1) to be Customer-Centric, allowing our users to make the best choice for their investments in an easy and user-friendly manner and (2) to be a business enabler, leveraging innovation and technology.”

Pablo, Head of Growth: “The crowdfunding campaign was an important part of the Clim8 roadmap. It was not just to raise funds, it is about engaging with a great community of tech and finance savvy investors. We are listening to our investors and want them to be an active part of the Clim8 journey.”

Arlinda, Marketing Manager: “Having been involved with dozens of startups across Europe from my days at Google and elsewhere, I was confident that the Clim8 proposition was strong. Still, I have been overwhelmed by the positive feedback received from our growing community of thousands of people and from the user research we conducted.”

Gina, UX Designer: “Recent events have shown us that life is unpredictable and often there is not much we can do, but we do have the power of choosing where we spend our time and selecting smoother user experiences! At Clim8 we’re building the product around the customer experience and not the other way around.”