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Why Clim8 is Perfect for Adventure

If, like us, you’re mesmerised by rolling crackling campfires, rolling mountain landscapes and the desire to discover, then Clim8 was designed for you. Our products have been created to accompany you on all types of adventure, whether it’s just taking the dog on long, muddy walks through the woods or scaling tough mountain terrains, even skiing some of the world’s breath-taking pistes, Clim8 has your back.

Our premium insulated water bottles, for example, are equipped with advanced thermal control, so you can enjoy your cold drinks icy cold or hot drinks piping hot. Plus, they’re robust enough to meet and conquer any challenge you throw at them. Simply, hook it to your backpack and you’re ready to go.

Our tumblers, on the other hand, look sleek and are the ideal campfire companion. So, whether it’s for burning off the morning dew after a night of wild camping or getting the adventure started in the evening, Clim8 tumblers are exactly what you need.  They fit snuggly in your hand and can accommodate all types of beverages whether hot or cold, even soft to alcoholic, plus they’re available in a range of colours. So, why not collect them all?

Environmentally Savvy

The environment is always at the front of our mind, so that’s why we developed a brand to help make a difference. Our products are reusable and designed to reduce plastic waste, whether it’s plastic bottles or disposable coffee cups. Our bottles and tumblers are also built to last, made from 304 stainless steel so they can withstand life’s knocks, bumps, and scrapes.

And that’s not all. We’re also in partnership with One Tree Planted. So, each time a product is sold on the Clim8 website, a tree is planted to help reforestation across the world. Together, we can all do something positive to help the environment.

So, whether you need to carry around some ice cold water for a day surfing at the beach or a bottle of hot soup, to give you a warm energy burst on a day long hike, Clim8 insulated bottles can do just that. And, because they’re manufactured from stainless steel, you don’t need to worry about flavour transfer. Simply, fill them up and go. The insulated bottles are available in two handy sizes, too, 500 and 750ml, so you can really taste the adventure.

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