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The Best Drinks for Outdoor Adventures

Adventures can be great fun, especially in the right company but sometimes you need a little pick-me-up to keep you going. And we’re not just talking alcohol, you may find you need an added boost of energy to reach that mountain summit, or a mental boost to force you to unzip that tent first thing in the morning. Whatever it is, here are some of our top choices:


Water should never be underestimated. It will help prevent dehydration and the nasty side effects which come with it, but it will also help to keep your mind sharp and your energy levels boosted.

Water is particularly important when you’re undertaking any type of activity to help prevent accidents, injuries, and illness. You should always carry water with you, especially when you are exploring the great outdoors. Clim8 insulated bottles will also help to keep your water icy cold, so you’ll have little excuse for not drinking it.


If you’re heading out on a winter walk or a ski trip on the mountain, then you may find yourself wanting something warm to help keep you toasty. You may find eating out expensive, scarce, or even impossible during the pandemic, so filling your Clim8 insulated bottle with soup is an ideal alternative.

Soup is a really great way to load your body with many essential vitamins and minerals, plus it can help to keep you hydrated, too. Although, it is essential that you also carry water with you.

The double-walled, vacuum insulation technology of our products makes them ideal for keeping hot beverages warm, so you don’t need to worry about heating them up along the way. Simply, sip and enjoy.

Tea and coffee

Although packed with caffeine and potentially dehydrating, many of us enjoy a campfire tea or coffee. So, whether it’s a whistling kettle on a stove, a proper campfire pot of boiling water or an electric kettle in your campervan, our tumblers are the perfect vessel for your first drink of the day.

Warm water and lemon

You’re probably familiar with many of the benefits of warm water and lemon but it’s also a great alternative if you’re not too keen on plain water. Some of the advantages include:

  • promotes hydration
  • rich source of vitamin c
  • aids digestion
  • good for skin
  • freshens breath

It’s super easy to make and is easily accommodated in either a Clim8 insulated water bottle or tumbler.


Of course, after a long day’s adventure, you’ll probably want to tuck into a glass of your favourite wine or even a beer. Well, Clim8 tumblers are perfect for all types of drink including a cheeky alcoholic beverage. But you should always enjoy alcohol sensibly and in moderation.


No matter what your ideal adventure is, the Clim8 range has your back. Our products were built with exploration and adventure in mind and you’re sure to find the perfect drink to take along with you to help keep you energised and invigorated.

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