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Making the Most of Your Clim8 Food Pots

By 14/03/2019 February 17th, 2020 No Comments
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About Our Clim8 Food Pots

Versatility is one of the words that instantly springs to mind when you think about a Clim8 food pot. Stylish, technologically advanced and extremely good to use are some other phrases that have been used by happy food pot customers! Let’s be honest – it’s ‘a pot for all seasons’!

Are you making the most out of your food pots? Have you thought about all the places and times you can use them for a multitude of occasions? Let’s give you some reasons why you can’t live without these innovative additions to your kitchen and dining experiences, indoors and out!

Triple-layered insulation

When we asked a group of teenagers what ‘insulation’ was, nearly all of them said ‘for keeping things warm or hot’. Well that’s 50% right!

The triple layered insulation on Clim8 food pots serves to keep food deliciously hot for up to 12 hours if you want a winter warmer at work (think curries, stews, pastas), or crisp and fresh for up to 24 hours (think delicious salads with your own dressing). Simply load up your pots and screw on the lid which has a unique airtight thermal lock, and your food will be safe and sound and exactly as you want it, when you want it. The foldable spoon makes sure you will always have something to eat it with! Oh, and we should mention that the lid becomes a handy bowl to put your food into.

It doesn’t matter when you want to use it, whether a day out with the family, a picnic, a work lunch, or for yours or hubby’s meal on the night shift, the Clim8 food pots fit the bill perfectly.

You can happily say goodbye to soggy sandwiches and vending machines, or takeaways served in ‘planet-littering’ plastic containers.

A healthy way to eat

Our food pots are lined with high quality stainless steel on the inside, and BPA free plastic on the outside, making them an extremely healthy receptacle to eat from. Poor quality stainless steel carries dangers – it can leak into the food, but with Clim8 food pots, you are totally safe.

Be safe from allergens in shop bought food

With the current cases of people buying sandwiches or takeaway food from retail outlets, how do you know you are safe if you have any allergies? By using our food pots, you can put exactly what you want into them, and know that your meal contains only what your system tolerates. Safety first.

An economical way with food

Once you have made your purchase of our food pots, you will be able to use them time and time again for many years. As well as this, if you hate throwing food away, you can reheat your stews from dinner the day before and enjoy them for lunch – no waste in your house! The same with salad items – put them in your pot, screw on the lid and the ingredients will stay super-crisp and fresh for the next day. Try tuna niçoise, egg mayonnaise, or sliced cold meats with your salad all in the same pot!

Forget the plastic salad containers in the supermarket with the pull off cellophane lids – layer your owns salads into your pots and enjoy a much nicer combination.

Keeping green and keeping clean

It’s no secret that a lot of plastic containers and wrappers (as well as plastic spoons, stirrers and other single-use items) will damage our environment. What could be better than a sustainable food pot that can be used time and time again? Our pots are easy to clean and come up looking brand new every time you wash them.

We could wax lyrical about our food pots and give you other reasons why they really are the best, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating!

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