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Insulated Coffee Cups

By 08/10/2018 February 17th, 2020 2 Comments
Insulated coffee cups

Reduce your Plastic with Clim8’s Insulated Coffee Cups

Plastic pollution is still at the forefront of our minds here at Clim8. Whilst the government and other organisations are putting full effort into cutting down on plastic waste, there is still much to do and any legislation seems to take an age to put into place. Getting rid of single use disposables is our aim, as these are the main culprits of pollution on our planet.

Enter Clim8 with our new, just launched insulated coffee cup, smaller than our insulated bottles, but big enough to give you a nice, double-sized coffee that doesn’t have to be consumed within an hour or two of purchase! At 460ml, it enters the realms of coffee heaven. What’s more, with its leak proof flip up top you can open it with one hand, instead of juggling it with two. On and off crowded public transport, this really is a winner.

Made from top quality high grade stainless steel that is BPA free (unlike some plastic lined single-use disposables frequently used by coffee shops and takeaway outlets), your hot or cold drink can be consumed at an ambient temperature for many hours, and refilled at your local ‘clued in’ coffee shop that realises the need for this service. So easy to use, and so gentle on your pocket!

One of the biggest benefits of Clim8’s new insulated coffee cup means that you can drink your chosen beverage anywhere at any time, hot or cold and easily transportable in backpacks, briefcases or handbags. You just need to find the right outlet for your refills with the best deal. If hot drinks are supplied at your place of work, just refill your own insulated cup which will stay hot on your desk for much of the day. As our cups are so easy to clean, you can wash out and replace with cold water from a water dispenser in your office, and that will stay fresh and cold throughout the afternoon. This highly versatile insulated cup, is not just for coffee!

The most important aspect to be considered by any outlets serving hot and cold drinks in single use cups is to reduce the terrifying problems that plastic waste is causing to our land, seas and oceans. By using a Clim8 reusable insulated coffee cup, you will help combat these problems too. Be the first to use one of these sturdy and sleekly designed cups and show the world that you care

320ml Insulated Coffee Cups

440ml Insulated Coffee Cups


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    Hello, can you advise me if you will be getting the coffee cups back in stock anytime soon?

    Thank you


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