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Go ‘Potty’ Over Our New Food Pots!

By 11/05/2018 February 17th, 2020 2 Comments
clim8 food pots

Clim8’s Food Pots

Temperatures change up and down in the UK from one day to the next, and so do our appetites. One day you may want something cold and refreshing, and another a delicious and warming hot dish. Clim8 have the answer for you!

We are delighted to announce our new and innovative ‘Food Pots’, as an addition to our high tech insulated range that will keep your hot food hot for 12 hours, and your cold food fresh for 24 hours, almost as if you had taken it straight from the fridge.

Our pots are perfect for all occasions – you could be a night worker, fed up with boring sandwiches all the time and who yearns for a casserole or similar during that long night shift.

Reinvent your Lunchtime with Clim8's Food Pots

Perhaps you are a picnic lover who wants to know that your salads and cold dishes will be fresh and vibrant and not sweaty and discoloured when transported in the car. Or simply just someone who loves healthy food such as homemade soups, rice or pasta dishes, served at optimum hot or cold temperatures when sitting at your office desk.

Our versatile pots are made from durable stainless steel inside and out, which means you won’t burn your hands when you pick them up! Easy to fill and with a plastic fitted lid, our pots also come with a foldable spoon for convenience. Available in a range of eye-catching colours to match your food mood.


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