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6 Reasons Why You Need a Clim8 Coffee Cup

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If you enjoy a coffee on the way to work or wish you could take one out with you when you’re heading out for the day, now you can with our reusable coffee cups. They’re easy to keep clean, are available in three different colours and they’re fully insulated.

The benefits of a reusable coffee cup are endless, they’re good for you and the environment and they’ll even save you money, too. Most of the single-use coffee cups, the style you’re given if you get a takeaway, are lined with polyethene which releases methane gas when they are sent to landfill and so, cannot be recycled. This is just one of the reasons why purchasing a reusable coffee cup is the responsible thing to do.

Here are a few more reasons why you should buy a Clim8 coffee cup:

They look stylish

Nobody wants their coffee to look uncool and our insulated coffee cup is the best way to dress your coffee (in our opinion anyway). They’re reusable, come in cute colours and 2 different sizes (320ml or 440ml).

They have a smart thermal layer to keep your drink at the right temperature

The smart thermal layer used in our coffee cups keep the temperature locked in, so you no longer have to worry about lukewarm coffee (or tea). And you can even enjoy a refreshing iced latte because not only does the cup keep your hot drink hot, but keeps your cold drinks, cool, too.

They’re good for the environment

If like many of us, you enjoy a takeaway cappuccino from your local coffee shop, you no longer have to accept the throw-away cup. These takeaway cups now carry a levy charge but they’re also polluting the environment. In the UK, 2.5 billion coffee cups are used and thrown away every year and, if that wasn’t enough, less than 1 in 400 are recycled. By purchasing a Clim8 coffee cup you’ll be doing your bit for the environment and saving money, too.

They save you money

We know we’ve already mentioned it, but if you are a regular coffee drinker you could save over £100 per year by buying one our reusable coffee cups. Most big chain coffee shops and some independents offer a discount if you take in your own cup ranging from 20 pence to 50 pence.

They stop leaks

Our coffee cups have a leak-proof flip-up lid, so you don’t need to worry about leaks in your bag. Plus, the lid can be opened with just one hand, so they’re super simple to use on the go.

They’re unique

If you’re looking for the perfect gift or you just want the world to know the coffee cup is yours, you can get your Clim8 coffee cup personalised for just £4.99. We can laser engrave up to 11 characters, just numbers and letters, onto your cup for that extra special touch.


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