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Hydrate At The Temperature You Want, All Day

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Hydration at Optimum Temperature

It’s one of the most disappointing and frustrating experiences that can befall anyone, and it’s all too common – a drink that has been served at optimum temperature losing the heat or coolness that we’ve been looking forward to.

This could be a hot tea or coffee has turned stone cold in a traffic jam, or left abandoned when a crisis in the office has demanded your full and undivided attention. Alternatively, it could be a delicious glass of water or iced beverage, cooled to perfection for maximum refreshment on a hot day – and discarded long enough for the ice to melt and the drink to return to a tepid room temperature.

Clim8 understand this disappointment, which is why we designed our insulated water bottles to prevent further drinks-based disgruntlement. Created using three layers of thermal technology, these bottles can keep a hot drink warm for up to eighteen hours, or a cool thirst-quencher suitably icy for as long as thirty hours. An insulated water bottle is the ideal solution for the busy 21st Century lifestyle – no longer will you need to keep one eye on your drink while your attention is diverted elsewhere!

As if that isn’t enough reason to make the very reasonable investment in such a product, you’ll also find that your insulated water bottle pays for itself many times over in cost savings from your local coffee shop. If the so-called Latte Levy proposed by parliament comes into play, chains across the UK’s high streets will be forced to charge extra for the privilege of serving their wares in a takeaway cup. Throw in the damage to the environment caused by constantly tossing out plastic and cardboard cups from our water, tea and coffee consumption and the reasons to pick up a reusable drinking vessel keep adding up.

Really high quality insulated bottles are not that easy to find, and certainly the old style thermos flask left a lot to be desired. If you are ‘outdoorsy’ or a camping enthusiast, or even a night fisherman, the prospect of a nice hot drink is very attractive in cold surroundings and if you may have forgotten your camping stove. There is also nothing worse than opening your snack box or holdall to find that your lovingly made cheese sandwich and packet of crisps has now become soaking wet from leakage and ill-fitting screw tops. Not a problem if you have HydrateM8 insulated bottles that don’t drip or leak.

If you want to keep up with ‘street-cred’ or prefer to be discreet with your insulated bottle, you can choose from a vast range of funky designs, or just simple plain silver colour. Whichever you choose, you can rest assured that all of our range has been tested several times by independent laboratories for their insulation strength and worry free airtight lids – unless you forget to screw it on tightly! What’s more, a HydrateM8 insulated water bottle will enjoy a longer lifespan than many competing products, ensuring that you’ll be able to enjoy your hot or cold drinks for a prolonged period of time. Perhaps most importantly, they also can be a saving (think about when the proposed latte levy comes in, you wont be throwing plastic cups into the bin at a rate of 50p a throw).

Whether you are indoors, outdoors or on your daily commute, these bottles will suit your style. What’s more, accessories are also available; brushes to keep the bottle sparklingly clean and fresh, and a clip to attach the bottle to a belt or backpack, can ensure that your insulated water bottle will last for a great many years. There will be no need to replace your vessel unless you are craving a change in design!

There are plenty of reasons to pick up an insulated water bottle from Clim8 – they’re environmentally friendly, BPA-free and wholly functional, and will save you plenty of money in the longer run. Order yours while stocks last, and start reaping the benefits!

Clim8 has a mission to provide tiptop quality products, but most importantly to help you understand how important hydration is.

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