Drink All Year Round with our Clim8 Insulated Bottles

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Our Clim8 Insulated Bottles

What’s worse – a tepid cup of tea or coffee in the winter, or a lukewarm water or juice in the summer? The answer is both, but with our Clim8 insulated bottles you don’t have to put up with either of these unpalatable drinks. Put it this way, our insulated bottles keep drinks hot for up to 18 hours, and stay cold for 30 hours, that’s a serious bonus buy.

Insulation applies both ways in our bottles – hot means hot and cold means cold! You may have been used to dropping into your local coffee shop on your way to work having trudged through the snow, but that paper cup of coffee goes cold very quickly when left on your desk. In the summer, it’s tempting to go to the little mini mart on the corner and buy a bottle of water from the fridge, but if we have weather like the summer of 2018, that plastic bottle will be lukewarm in less than 10 minutes. Media reports are already warning of unbelievably high temperatures this summer and potentially the hottest on record.

Even worse, if the company you work for has a water dispenser, how does it feel when you go to get a cold drink and its either empty or ‘out of order’. Hot and stuffy offices in the summer are the fastest way to dehydration that you can come across, with the resultant effect of a lot of yawning at your desk and a foggy brain.

In the winter you can take a delicious soup to work which doubles up as lunch at the same time as topping up your hydration levels. In the summer, take in a tasty fruit infused water, if plain water doesn’t float your boat. Not only does the drink taste great, but you also have the hydration benefits of the fruit you have used. Berries in particular are a great addition to water not just for taste, but also for health. Make sure you munch on the fruit as well as drinking!

Hot or cold, our insulated bottles are absolute winners, right from their triple insulated stainless steel interiors through to their exceptionally stylish designs. They truly are showstoppers. Safe to transport in your bag or clip to your belt, these bottles are ‘all thrills and no spills’.

Greatly improved since the days of the old thermos style flask, the bottles are sleek and easy to carry whether hot or cold drinks inside. Reusable time and time again, you will wonder why you haven’t bought one before! Cleaning is a breeze, washing in hot soapy water brings them up sparkling and just like new, ready to go again.

Use them in the gym, the park, on picnics, in the car or out running, they suit all occasions, and they are even easy for children to use at school or on sports days.

Here’s a bet – once you have used one of our Clim8 insulated bottles, you won’t look back and neither will your health and hydration levels. You may even consider getting ‘colour coordinated’ – there are so many cool shades in our range to choose from.


  • Charley Ettridge says:

    Can you put the insulated bottles in the fridge to get cold before you put cold liquid in it

    • Robyn Cakebread says:

      You can put the Insulated bottle in the fridge. You will need to leave the lid of when doing this.

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