School Lunches Will Never be the Same Again

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clim8 - food pot lunches

Clim8’s Food Pots and School Lunches

Do you worry whether your children are eating properly at school and getting the right nutrition from school lunches? Maybe you are fed up with seeing their lunchboxes come back home barely touched? Worry not, Clim8 has the answer to solve these problems.

Using the same design principles as our ever-popular insulated bottles, the way to solve the ‘lunchtime blues’ are our amazing thermal food pots.

In one size (500ml), you can feed your children with their favourite hot or cold foods, instead of soggy sandwiches or unhealthy snacks on a daily basis. Keep them interested and well-nourished with homemade foods that you know they love and demolish at dinner time. These days, children have sophisticated palates and want variety, as well as enough substance to last through an energetic school day.

Our 500ml pot is suitable for children of all ages, packed with wholesome food enough to feed the avid footballer or rugby playing teenager – not forgetting hubby as well! Hot or cold food keeps at exactly the right temperature throughout the day, so there are no health worries whatsoever – no need to reheat, and no concerns about finding a fridge at school to put a delicious salad in!

What’s more, they come in really cool colours that their schoolmates will envy! How often do you make too much mac ‘n cheese or other dishes that are family favourites and end up with half of it left?

These food pots are the perfect solution for filling with pasta dishes, casseroles, stews, curries – almost anything that they love! Or have you got a teenager who is health conscious or watching her figure – fill with a favourite salad that will keep cold, crisp and fresh for lunchtime. It’s a win-win when you use these thermal pots, hot or cold, and you get year-round term time use. The airtight lid also means that there won’t be any spillages in their school bags, and the fold-up spoon completes the picture.

Think of the multitude of clever fillings for your pots, it’s a whole new creative world, not just for school lunches, but for school trips, picnics and other events. Think about pairing one of these pots with an insulated bottle for their favourite juice or fruit water. To be really ‘up to the minute’, get their bottles personally engraved – now that’s a gold star and top of the class for you!

Our pots and bottles are reusable time and time again, negating the need for single use plastic food trays and bottles, that destroy our environment. In fact, some schools have already banned the use of plastic bottles and containers. Schooldays can be arduous, so keep your children energetic and their minds active with the right food and proper hydration.

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