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Why might an additional suitability assessment change my risk on the Clim8 app?

WealthKernel needs to assess your knowledge and experience, financial situation and investment objectives to determine if the risk of a portfolio or investing in general is suitable for you, this may impact which portfolio meets your investment goals with Clim8. We offer 3 types of risk profiles (Adventurous, Balanced and Cautious), which will be matched to you based on your answers to our questionnaire. Over time, your circumstances may change, this may mean that your Clim8 profile is no longer suited to meet your investment goals.  Our customer service team will be in touch to discuss any changes to your portfolio. 

Will my investments be amended based on my answers?

Not automatically, should your investment goals not match your current Clim8 portfolio, we will let you know this is the case, we may suspend your account whilst we discuss your options with you. If you would like to amend your portfolio and investments to align better with your goals, you can let our customer service team know and we can help you switch this over. Over time your investment goals may change, and we will be in touch periodically to ensure your portfolio is in your best interests. 

Will my investments be sold out automatically if I do not respond?

Rest assured, your investments will not be sold and your Clim8 account will remain active as is, if you choose not to answer the questions immediately, we may suspend your account temporarily until the questionnaire has been answered. We will let you know if we are going to do that. 

If my current Clim8 portfolio isn’t meeting my investment objectives- what are my options? 

You can choose what you would like to do with your Clim8 account, whether to continue to hold this (but this means you will not be able to actively deposit into this account), change your portfolio to a better aligned one or withdraw from your account. 

Please note that should you withdraw from your portfolio when markets are low then you may experience losses. However as with all investments, the value of the investment may go up as well as down. There is no guarantee that holding onto the investment for a longer period will result in an increase or decrease to this investment value. You may lose all of your initial investment. Capital is at risk.

Can I continue to top up my Clim8 account if my portfolio isn’t aligned with my investment goals? 

No, if the portfolio you currently have is deemed to be unsuitable, you will not be able to continue depositing into it.

With investing, your capital is at risk. For illustrative purposes only and does not constitute investment advice.
Tax treatment depends on the individual circumstances of each client and may be subject to change in the future.
Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

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