National Picnic Month – July 2020

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With the good weather set to make an imminent comeback and now we’re allowed out to roam the great outdoors, it’s convenient that July is National Picnic Month.

What’s it for?

If you love getting out of the house and exploring the great outdoors then July is your month. That’s because it’s National Picnic Month. Traditionally, July has good weather and is perfect for long summer days outside and picnics are the top of most people’s agenda.

The good weather makes eating al fresco easier and children love it, too!

National Picnic Month encourages people to explore the great outdoors, national parks, beaches, and places of interest. However, this year may be a little different as we all adjust to the new social distancing measures that are in place. But if we are all sensible and mindful of our actions and follow good hygiene measures there is no reason, we can’t all enjoy a family picnic outside.

Tips for a safe picnic

The hot weather is a good breeding ground for foodborne illness, so here are some of our tips for a safe and healthy picnic:

·         Keeping your food at the correct temperature is important if you’re going on a picnic to prevent spoilage and bacteria from forming. So, if you’re serving hot food, you’ll need to keep it hot and if you’re serving cold food, it needs to be kept cold.

·         Make use of non-perishable foods such as crisps, whole fruit, dried fruit, and nuts. These won’t go off in the heat like alternatives such as potato or fruit salads will.

·         Make sure you have enough cool bags. Cool bags are great for keeping food cool but they can get pretty crammed full on a picnic. So why not take two; one for perishable food and one for drinks. Keep your insulated cooler bags cold with ice packs and keep them closed as much as possible.

·         Keep your hands clean. Although it’s difficult if you are out, especially if there is no running water, keeping your hands clean is vital to prevent the spread of infection or foodborne illnesses. So, always carry hand sanitiser and wipes with you.

·         Take plenty of water. Water is essential to prevent dehydration and on a hot day, your body will lose more water through sweat and urination. So, you will need to replace the lost water with drinking water. You may not have access to clean drinking water, so be sure to take plenty of bottles with you and encourage everyone to take small, frequent sips.

·         Be sure to pick up all your rubbish when you leave and take it with you.

How to celebrate National Picnic Month

It’s easy, pick all your favourite foods and take everyone in your house out for lunch outdoors. You don’t have to go anywhere fancy; the local park is great or a BBQ at the beach. Or if you’re worried about going outdoors right now, why not have a picnic in the garden with all your favourite foods and a few garden games?

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