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Stacey Murphy

By 23/07/2020 No Comments

I’m a mum to a 3 year old and a 18 week old so life is a bit crazy at the moment. The one thing I have always been good at is meal planning. As a family we love nothing more than to go
out for the day with our own picnic. We went to the local park for the day and I decided to use the food pot. I followed the instructions by putting it into the fridge to chill before putting a fruit salad in there. Over an hour or so later we tucked into our food and the fruit was so cold and fresh it tasted like it was straight out of the fridge! It was incredible!! I also managed to fit my sons squeezy yoghurt at the top too. I love how compact the size is and that it is streamline. It’s so easy to clean, and the fact it comes with it’s own spork is fab.

My youngest will be due to wean very soon and I will be using this pot mostly to keep his meals nice and hot when we do venture out together. It has its own handle that easily hangs off the size of the buggy too!

Black 540ml Food Pot

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