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Show me what you drive and I’ll tell who you are

Transport has seen huge technological advances in the fight against climate change. From chic Teslas to heavy duty electric buses, electric vehicles have become widely available and it is clear that the transition away from combustion engines is well underway. But is it moving fast enough? Transport is responsible for one quarter of global CO2 […]


Gender at COP: this climate needs to change

It’s disappointing that men have been over-represented at COP26, especially since climate change disproportionately affects women, mainly in southern parts of the globe. With so many female leaders spearheading influential movements that address the real experience of climate change, it’s clear that progress on gender equality and climate must go hand in hand. Across developed […]


Adapt or die. Channeling Darwin at COP

Climate-related events are growing more frequent and costly to the global economy. As well as finding ‘mitigation’ solutions that combat climate change, we also need to invest in technologies for ‘adaptation’ – or dealing with the consequences. And their evolution needs to be much faster than this Darwinian description would suggest. Let’s start with the evidence […]


Ground Control to Major Tom : Earth Oddity or Mars Salvation?

Elon Musk is keen to have space explorers reaching the surface of Mars by 2026. Starship and Starbase are under construction and the man is on a mission. But is this whole idea only about scientific and technological prowess? Or is it a hedging strategy, since every year (barring 2020 and COVID-lockdowns) Earth Overshoot Day […]


Anarchy in the UK? Young people taking over at Glasgow.
And at Clim8.

Day #6 at COP26 was about Youth and public empowerment. We’re fortunate to have young and talented people in our investment team supporting us in many different aspects of our jobs, and bringing valuable insights to our decision making process. They are the best-placed to express in their own words their fears and hopes. Let’s […]


Energy is dead! Long live Energy!

CO2 = P x S x E x C. A man who became a billionaire selling software threw that linear equation to solve global warming. P = global population, S = services consumed by this population, E = energy required to power those services and C = CO2 content of this energy. Well, to get […]