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A Clim8 Q&A with special guest Hannah Fry

We were thrilled when mathematician, science presenter and all-round badass Hannah Fry agreed to add her voice to our recent TV ad. We sat down with her to talk about climate change and investing, living more sustainably and how we can all do more for the planet. Your work involves studying patterns and trends before […]


A wolf in sheep’s clothing: why labelling gas ‘green’ is a dangerous move

Europe is trying to kill two birds with one stone by giving gas a green label. But it isn’t likely to do the continent’s green transition – or  long-term energy security – any favours. On the very last day of 2021, the European Commission included a surprise addition to its new European Green Taxonomy – […]


Nyet zero: what Putin’s war could mean for the green transition

The current situation in Ukraine is truly heartbreaking. As people first and foremost, we are all deeply affected by the suffering playing out on our screens. And as climate investment specialists, we want to examine how these events could reshape our journey to net zero – as well as the macroeconomic and geopolitical forces that […]

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A difficult start to the year for the world’s innovators

It’s been an exceptionally challenging time in the markets since the start of the year – especially for innovative, climate focused companies. As a result, our three model portfolios have posted negative returns over the month of January, and up to 11 February. ●  Adventurous: -10.88% , Benchmark: -5.56%1 ●  Balanced: -8.92% , Benchmark: -4.86%2 […]

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Markets are rocky. Here’s what we’re doing about it.

A dry month for the markets It’s fair to say that the first few weeks of 2022 have seen a lot of change in the markets. Rising inflation across major economies means that central banks are expected to raise interest rates soon, and the markets have responded accordingly – docking the value of long-term bonds […]

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2022 Macroeconomic Outlook

Dealing with the spectre of inflation As the world recovers further from the COVID 19 pandemic, we expect global GDP to grow in 2022. In fact, the world’s largest economies should exceed long-term GDP forecasts, with the US, EEZ, and China expected to grow by 4%, 4.3% and 5.1% respectively. However, 2022’s big elephant in […]

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