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A Clim8 Q&A with special guest Hannah Fry

We were thrilled when mathematician, science presenter and all-round badass Hannah Fry agreed to add her voice to our recent TV ad. We sat down with her to talk about climate change and investing, living more sustainably and how we can all do more for the planet. Your work involves studying patterns and trends before […]


Move over Homo Sapiens: Homo Urbanus is here to stay

More than two thirds of humanity will eventually live in cities. To mitigate environmental pressures, governments, businesses and citizens will need to collaborate in reclaiming urban spaces and redesigning them in a circular way. But is this an urban planner’s dream, or just another false hope?  Homo Urbanus is fast overtaking Homo Sapiens as the […]


Market Update: Eventful Back To School

The quiet days of a not-too sunny summer (unless you spent it along the Spanish or French Mediterranean coasts) seem long gone. Barring a few noticeable exceptions, summer months are generally quiet with the amplitude of daily market moves fairly benign. This idea is captured by measuring market volatility – or VIX. It is the […]


Facing the climate crisis as Citizens, not Consumers

By nature we are Citizens, not Consumers. We are wired for community, not consumption. How does this difference affect our behaviour?


The era of planetary accountability

JC Seghers is a global changemaker with experience in initiating, scaling up, and delivering on transformational global projects and campaigns unleashing legislation, technology and action to address global warming. He has worked with various multinational companies, industry associations and governments on driving transparent and measurable climate action through scenario analysis, sustainability, data management, and advocacy. […]


Retail needs a – “Mission Possible” – to create a sustainable future

Guest Blog – Mike Barry, ex-Head of Sustainability at M&S: The Retail sector has done much in the last decade on sustainability but it’s increasingly apparent that all this has just been a dress rehearsal, a beginning not an end.