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When passions align

It’s incredible when two passions come together Here at Clim8, we’ve created a place where our investing and environmental goals collide, creating a platform for our customers to invest for good in their ISA and General Investment Accounts.  Why the environment? The Doomsday Clock (a symbol of how close our planet is to global catastrophe) […]

Sustainable Investing

Clim8’s 2023 Macroeconomic Outlook

2022 was a turbulent year for the global economy, characterised by inflation, a brutal conflict in Ukraine, and fiscal and monetary tightening. In 2023, we expect inflation to abate, but also expect global economic growth to be weak. As such, we will endeavour to find the most attractive companies and funds across multiple geographies, whilst […]

Sustainable Investing

Our two year anniversary

Two years ago, we launched the Clim8 app, and since then we’ve been proudly disrupting the finance industry with our climate conscious investing strategy. With zero fossil fuels and investments that focus solely on decarbonisation changemakers, our aim was to show that investing for good doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your financial interests.  And we […]

Climate Change Inside Clim8

Celebrate whale and dolphin day with Clim8 and ORCA

Whales, dolphins and porpoises (also known as cetaceans) are animals that have an almost unique ability to inspire us about the ocean, and for many people the experience of seeing them is a life-changing one. Find out how Clim8 are supporting ocean live this Whale and Dolphin Day

Climate Change Sustainability

When markets feel negative, it’s good to be climate positive

Our market wrap outlines how our investment team is responding to this year’s tough conditions.

Sustainable Investing

How we calculate your returns 

There are a variety of ways to calculate the performance of a portfolio, and we will focus on what are arguably the three most common methods: Simple return, time weighted return, and money weighted return. Simple return Simple return is calculated by dividing your current earnings (your overall gain or loss plus bonuses and rewards […]

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