Clim8 for a Better Climate

In 2019, the UK declared a climate emergency, forcing industry and individuals to rethink the way they live.

At Clim8, we are pleased to say that we have been looking for eco-friendly solutions to everyday problems since 2015.


Plastic water bottles sold in the UK every year


Used per person each year on average

Our range of insulated products, made to maintain the temperature of hot and cold food and drink, was created out of a desire to reduce the amount of plastic waste we create.

Small Changes for a Big Impact

Every time we purchase a snack, sandwich or drink from a convenience store, we add to the growing mountain of plastic that is currently sitting in landfill. Plastic that is doomed to stay on our planet for around 1,000 years.

This plastic slowly, slowly disintegrates, releasing microplastics into the ecosystem which eventually find their way out to sea. Once in the water, these microplastics cause catastrophic damage to the creatures in the oceans, as the smallest plankton and other creatures innocently ingest them. These microplastics then work their way up the food chain, so that you might even be tucking into some plastic in your dinner tonight. Microplastics have even worked their way through our rigorous drinking water systems, being found in both our tap water and our bottled water.

We need to reduce the need for disposable plastics, and one way to do this is to make your own snacks and drinks to take out and about with you.

Convenience Without the Disposables

Whether you want to enjoy your leftover dinner for lunch at work, or you want to keep your kids’ strawberries cool for a snack while they play in the park, our range of food and drink storage systems are here to help. Best of all, you’ll save loads of money by no longer relying on convenience food and drinks wrapped in one-time-use plastic.

Keeping hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold is our specialty. Take a look at our various insulated options and be sure to contact us if you have any queries – we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service so that we can help you help the world.